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Creative mentoring, artistic coaching, hoop instructor

I have had the luck and the misfortune in life, that gave me the possibilities to dedicate myself a lot to the artistic world. 
Always attracted by what was art, I found it to be a powerful means of expression and a door for what you want to leave to the world, even in a little things, and how to describe myself, each time re-discovering in a new way who I wanted to become. Discovering, with time, that I could also get rid of my past and be better than "what I often hear about myself or my situation".
I studied in contact with the contemporary circus world, doing two circus schools that gave me tools to work in different fields, not only in the hoop world.
I could do so 4 years of circus schools, 14 years of artistic career, 10 years on stage, 32 years of my life.
I studied in different stages and formations elements of theater, clowns, singing, music, dance and I tried to mix the artistic world with the world of self-awareness, studying myself, the different types of personalities, using research tools with the body and senses.
And here I am, offering in a simpler way, my years of study and research, for those who can no longer make circus schools, for those who do not have many economic possibilities or for those who live far and alone where culture does not have all these means for its development.  
I firmly believe that the world needs more sensitive people and that learning without teaching makes no sense. 
And I believe that everyone has enormous potential to see, observe and use to express themselves in the world.
Here I am.


"Marianna's work is direct, authentic and compassionate.

In one hand  She leads us through a series of quick and vigorous experiments with hoop - we push the boundaries of our current hoop skill/vocabulary - at the edge we can discover new tricks and concepts to develop our own unique hoop choreography.

In the other hand  She guides us to pause and listen to what's going on inside the body - a swirling pool of emotions/shadow - we learn ways to express ourselves and connect to our audience. Through a series of games and exercises.

Marianna is present, perceptive and generous in the way that she meets each of the participants needs. Knowing when to push and provoke and when to listen and nurture. There maybe growing pains along the way, but trust the process, I am grateful to welcome and harvest new fruits!  Thank you Marianna xx"


"The creative workshop has given me so much inspiration to hoop through the lockdown.  Marianna made the experience very personal. It was lovely to share the experience of the workshop with other hula hoopers from around the world. The workshop helps you to find an new ways to move with hoop which is very personally.  It has opened up a world of new possibilities with hooping."


"I learnt with Marianna at her Hula Hoop Artist Development Skills Intensive Retreat in the French countryside. Marianna is an experienced hula hooper and workshop facilitator, she is knowledgeable and easy to talk to. She created a safe and supportive environment where I felt comfortable expressing myself. Her workshop exercises helped me to access my deeper emotions and use them when creating with my hoop. Her personalised feedback of my hooping helped me to understand where I am in my artist vs personal life. I left the retreat feeling inspired, with a stronger desire to create than ever before. This event was one of the highlights of my year. Thank you, Marianna!"


"This is Mariana, in school we regularly had whole weeks that we did only circus performers all day (only research and creation) with guest circus directors so that at the end of the week we could put on a show with everything we had found in our artistic research.She accompanied us and directed one of those weeks, I remember it very well because it was a week that was too intense physically, mentally and above all emotionally for all of us, after being attached by the legs with some half veiled to three other girls, looking for different possibilities of play, I think that was when I understood the true objective of the artistic search.She is a wonderful artist, that which she does is not European style, it is not French style, that which she does is her and it is authenticity.To be authentic!"


"I have had the pleasure to attend Hula Hoop workshops from Marianna and was blown away by her amazing skills to work with people. Yes, she can teach you tricks and inspires you to move in new ways but I think her strength and uniqueness lies in leading people back to themselves, to then create from within. If you’re hitting a plateau in your artistic or personal life, do yourself a favour and see Marianna"


"This class was one of the most beautiful experiences I've had in a long time. I really love and enjoy hooping, but this took me beyond that. Made me look within and around at the same time. I found the class deep yet exhilarating at the same time and that's a rare experience. Thank you Marianne, for being so warm and brilliant! In just one hour I felt like I learnt so much!"


Hoopers and more.

Even if you are a circus artist who doesn't do hula hoop, you can contact me to work with me.
Choose the one that suits you best.

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